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Scrap My Car

Now you have decided to scrap your car because you think your car should not be driven on the road anymore and this is time for your old car to go to the scrap yard. If you are planning to scrap my car today, then please let us know and we will remove your scrap from your location and scrap your car.

Get Rid Of Your Car

If you have already checked with your mechanic and he has advised you to get rid of your car because it does not worth to fix it then we are the company who will help you regarding your old car removal. Some people do not think that they should sell their car as scrap instead they want to sell as running car but this is not a good idea because that scrap car will be really dangerous for someone on the road so just choose the best option and get rid of your car to a junkyard.

Unwanted Car Removal

Many people have experienced for having unwanted cars, van, SUVs or trucks and they do not want to see these vehicles on their property anymore. You will have two options to deal with unwanted cars, Sell your vehicle to someone who can fix it and use it as his or her next ride. The second option is sold to any junkyard in your area. If you would like to go for the second option, then we are happy to offer you our services because we buy your unwanted vehicles in your area and get you free unwanted car removal.

Special Services

Free Scrap Car Removal
Car Removal Within An Hour
Cash Upto $10,000


Salvage My Car buy scrap cars in Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding areas. We have our very own scrap car processing unit. We use salvaged cars for recycling car parts and help the environment. We are open to public to deal with scrap cars and auto parts. You can call us any day and ask us about our car parts availability.

We have a very good team of tow truck drivers who go to the customers location and tow their bought scrap cars.

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